The Cardinal CPA Inc. accounting firm acts as a central access point to professional ressources.

The approach:

Running a business or managing investments requires not only a strict structures, but also an access to ressources in due time. A proper initial planning as well as a regular follow-up of the evolution allows for a proper optimisation. This is why we strongly believe that it is essential that you get access to professional ressources quickly and at an optimal cost. Therefore, we do not believe that we are here simply to compile financial information, but also to make the proper connections with professionals implicated in all aspects of your business, as well as guide you in your business decisions.


We adopt a policy of clear information in regards of our invoicing. Our objective is to offer and exceptional service at a fair cost. It is imperative for us that you get good value for your money and therefore, we ensure that we keep an opened ear towards our clients.

The team

  • Thierry Cardinal, CPA Président

    Chartered Professional Accountant for multiple years now, Thierry Cardinal, CPA is the founder of Cardinal CPA Inc. He is implicated in organizations and actively participates to many presentations and trainings in different events. With second degree studies in taxation, his expertize allows him to provide his clients with advices that end up being extremely beneficial.

    – Bois-de-Boulogne College

    – Business University degree at ESG UQAM

    – Second degree Accounting at ESG UQAM

    – Second degree taxation at HEC Montréal

    – Member of the Quebec Chartered Professional Accountant fellowship

    – Member of the Ontario Chartered Professional Accountant fellowship


    To contact Thierry :

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  • André Rodrigue, BAA Chargé de dossier